About Me

Dr. Griffin, ND, LMT, CST, has a great deal of specialized ongoing training.  She is a Naturopathic Doctor. This particular degree she received from the University of Natural Medicine (UNM), where she also earned a Doctor of Natural Medicine Degree and a Master's degree in Natural Health Sciences.She is also a PA state Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), who specializes in clinical bodywork.

She believes in whole unprocessed foods being the bulk of the diet, and in internal cleanliness, as well as exercise, and rest. Some of this and how to integrate it in life, is what she coaches clients in when asked. Part of her doctoral training included a year long course in herbal remedies, with Jeanne Rose. When appropriate, herbs are generally ,lightly, and temporarily suggested,. She also suggests homeopathic remedies, when appropriate.

This passionate therapist is trained in an assortment of manual wellness modalities, which are used to facilitate vitality, rehabilitation, and reduce high levels of pain and stress, with startling results (even to her). Numerous client's physicians have also marveled at the results of the techniques and client's bodies ability to heal. The modalities of greatest length studied are CranioSacral Therapy (Upleder Institute) and Nerve and Visceral Manipulation (Barral Institute), and Bruno Chikly's Brainwork. More information can be found at IAHP website under practitioners and Diane Griffin, or Chikly Institute. For best results a series of sessions is suggested. It takes some time to release long held patterns.

For many people wellness is a process of taking one stepping stone at a time. For those who face life threatening illnesses, the change in diet and lifestyle needs to be abrupt. Dr. Griffin takes into consideration client's goals, and what they are willing and able to undertake in their plan. She is committed to her own wellness, immersing herself in her own wellness journey through diet, exercise and experiencing many techniques utilized by other professionals. This assists her in giving sound referrals, and direction.